YNW MELLY Is On His Way To The Top, "Virtual" Is Another Reason Why

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.35.11 PM.png

YNW Melly has splashed on the scene with his melodic vibe and wordplay. The Florida native is surely making a statement of why he is next to blow record after record. The young artist took it to the next level with 'Melly The Menace' not too long ago which then was followed up by the visual that has gone VIRAL and officially exploded the YNW Melly wave. With "Melly The Menace" at 5+ million, Melly seems to have another one powerful single in "Virtual". Be on the lookout for YNW Melly and his crew as he will be making some major noise and moves in 2018.

Mark Spratley